Papaya Coffee Benefits Reviews: Can it Increase Breast Enlargement ( Side effects)

If you are of the affirmative of Papaya coffee benefits for breast enlargement and you are seemingly confused as how to make, use it and also know the side effects; then this unbiased review is for you.

This detailed reviews shows proven testimonials and the perfect recommendation on whether you should use it or not.

papaya coffee benefits breast enlargement

What is Papaya Coffee

Papaya coffee is the combination of both Carica papaya ( known as Pawpaw) and coffee beans; this wonder product, especially for woman refers to the natural processed forms of unripe papaya fruit and coffee beans.

For usage, these papaya fruit are usually in grinded dried form, which are mixed with coffee beans in order to get the many health benefits it offers.

The potent power of this natural product comes much more from the Papaya i.e. pawpaw itself. The addition of this coffee releases the natural antioxidant power to the dried papaya fruit.

Throughout the United states, Africa and even in Canada; Pawpaw flourishes and grow in rich fertile soils. These fruits are most common in West Africa and germinates on rich humus soils. They tend to be rich in essential vitamins and minerals.

Papaya Coffee Benefits

The combination of Pawpaw ( carica papaya) and coffee beans has been proven over the years, from time immemorial to have many health benefits.

Aside from the breast enlargement claims, Papaya coffee benefits includes the following:

  • Carica papaya has high fiber content and low GI. These two properties help keeps the blood sugar in check in a diabetic patient, not allowing it to spike up incrementally.
  • Papaya in itself helps reduce inflammation, reduces cardiovascular diseases, certain cancers and lowers type 2 diabetes.
  • People that eats papaya tends to have clean and glowing skin because the exfoliant properties of papaya by its enzymes helps prevent and minimize acne, scars respectively.
  • The beans in the Papaya coffee acts as antioxidants helping you fight off inflammations and with its natural caffeine helps keep you active, offering your energy the body needs.

5 Ways Papaya Coffee Helps In Breast Enlargement

The nutrients and vitamins in this natural mixed product works scientifically to back up these claims. The following are ways and how papaya coffee helps in breast enlargement.

1. According to researchgate publication, the papain in Papaya is essential to the development of Mammary glands. The papain contains breast enhancement hormones.

Furthermore, when green papaya when mixed with the coffee beans or red beans or green beans helps stimulate development of both glands and fatty issues around the breast region.

2. The Papaya coffee has natural enhancing vitamins and minerals that helps give your breast anti-sagging effects. It does not matter whether your breast is small like pimples , big or heavy. It helps, over time, adjust and smoothens roughness, scars and repairs worn out breast tissues.

3. Vitamin A and the Papain helps stimulate the secretion of Estrogen. This hormones induces a firmer and enlarged breast.

4. The Estrogen is being empowered by Pueraria minerals in the Papaya coffee. This Pueraria contains isoflavones which speeds up the development of acinar which in turn leads to the enlargement of the breast.

5. A firm breast requires blood flow to the tissues. The presence of papain and other essential vitamins unblocks the mammary glands and helps the adipose tissue in the breast to easily gets enough blood circulation. This in turn leads to a regenerated cells on the breast and does not allow the breast from falling or sagging.

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How To Make Papaya Coffee For Breast Enlargement

Using the Papaya coffee for breast enlargement works for some people and do not work for most people.

Depending on each individual immune system, the nature of their skin, age, their lifestyle over the years and the body’s natural reaction to this product; the use of the product does not equate to automatic breast enlargement of your boobs.

Watch this video:

And also this video:

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The steps below is how to make papaya coffee for breast enlargement:

1. Eat lots of pawpaw i.e carica papaya regularly. I even recommend you eat it everyday or three times in a week.

2. Get an unripe pawpaw ( papaya), you can cut it and then blend it using your blender. After this, get your coffee beans ( you can buy it from stores) and then blend it also. After this, mix them together and drink it as milkshake ( video above)

3. From point 2 above, adding your papaya with milk, along with the coffee beans increases breast size.

4. Watch the two videos above; they contains step by step procedures on how to use papaya for breast enlargement.

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How To Enlarge Your Breast Naturally By Massaging

The use of Papaya is explained above, now , this method of naturally enlarging your breast by massaging works great and helps complement the above method on the use of the Papaya coffee.

To massage your breast and increase the size, you need to get any of the following oils or cream:

  • Flaxseed oil
  • Breast enlargement creams
  • Fennel Oil or Olive oil
  • To make a cream, you can use fenugreek seeds or fennels seeds and mix it with olive oil to make a paste.

Follow the steps below on how to massage your breast:

1. Apply the oil, paste or cream on the breast

2. In a gentle circular motion, move your right and left hand round it

At intervals, join both breast together, repeat and rinse the circular motion movement and apply the oil if it feels dry.

3. Repeat and rinse this method approximately 10 times a day to get the desire result.

Please understand that you do not do this for too long not to cause harm to the issues and do not do it with force. Do this practice everyday for a month and before the end of the month, do come back here to drop a comment!!

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Papaya Coffee Side Effects

There is no reported side effects with great danger. 1 out of about 10 people randomly complained of agitation, slight headache, high palpitation and slight increase in their blood pressure.

However, these people also confessed of using too much coffee beans; so the precaution you need to take is not to use too much coffee beans, study yourself and go slowly.

The coffee beans is high in caffeine, so too much consumption may make your blood pressure go up!!


The use of Papaya coffee, when used along with massaging ( using the above mentioned oils) has proven to indeed help with breast enlargement. However, what works for someone else may not work for you because our bodies are different.

Giving it a try is the only effective way to know!!

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