Pick n Pay Clothing Review ( 3 Best Refund Policy , Delivery) 2023

This Pick n Pay clothing review is a thorough assessment of their refund policy, delivery guidelines, list of their stores near me (you), its online store, credit assessments etc.

Introducing Pick n Pay Clothing

The Pick n Pay clothing division was launched and started in 1967. In October 2020, the Pick N Pay online clothing was started.

Since then, the online shopping experience has been growing from strength to strength as captured in the overall customer satisfaction and revenue growth report.

pick n pay clothing review

Remember, that on March 2020, Pick n Pay launched and started online shopping experience for its customers including scheduled delivery of purchased groceries. Owing to its strategic success, 8 months later, the online clothing division was launched.

In May 2022, Pick n pay boldly declared that their strategic foray into online shopping experience, by leveraging with Zando helped increased the clothing sales revenue by 233%.

Now, there are questions that lingers on the minds of people about the Pick n Pay clothing division, their online shopping experience etc.; this review looks at all these and provides the answers.

Pick N Pay Online Clothing Shopping

Pick n pay online clothing is an online clothing shopping store, it was formed to complement the exiting physical Pick n pay clothing stores.

On the their online store, you will get to buy clothing’s accessories, shoes and dresses for men, boys, girls, women and babies.

Whether it is summer time, winter season, spring etc.; the store has all you need.

One unique characteristics about Pick n pay clothing is that they sell quality, affordable, beautiful, and irresistible cloth for different occasions and season.

pick n pay clothing review and news

So, how do you register and do your online shopping on the Pick n pay clothing website? The guidelines below will be of help to you.

  • Open your phone or your android mobile phone
  • Make sure you have an active internet connection
  • If you are using iPhone or android phone, you can just download the App
  • For Android mobile phone, go to Play store
  • For iPhone, go to Apple play
  • For PC, MacBook or computer or even on your phone
  • Open your browser and type www.picknpayclothing.co.za
  • Register / Login. If you are a new customer, you will have to register before you can buy cloth on the platform. To Login, you will have to fill in your email address and password before you can register.
  • After you’ve successfully registered an account on the website, you may browse through different items on the website.

pick n pay online clothing

  • Before you continue shopping, you have to confirm the available delivery slot to know if there is any delivery slot, or you may have to shop for your desired item on a different day once there is a delivery slot.
  • Once you’ve confirmed the delivery slot, you may then continue to place your order on the website.
  • Finally, once you’ve selected the items you want to buy, you may then continue to make payments on the website. You need not to be afraid. Payment on the website is secure and safe.

Benefits of Pick n Pay Online Online Clothing Shopping

  • One of the many benefits of signing up on www.picknpayclothing.co.za is that you will be allowed access to all of its self-service portals because you will be recognized as one of their customers. Therefore, you will be able to track the progress of your order and raise support tickets, and many more.
  • For its fast delivery service. If you place your order today, you can be sure it will be delivered to you in a couple of few days.
  • Customer-centered return policy: Its return policy favors the customer more than the company.
  • Secure payment method: You need not fear of being scammed as the payment method is 100% secure and safe. I don’t trust some online payment platform with my debit card, but since I have been shopping on Pick n pay clothing online, I have not had a bitter experience with my payment information being tampered with or hacked into.

Delivery/Refund Policy

Pick n Pay is taking a cue of lesson from Takealot, quite a number of people are cancelling their orders on Takealot because of one thing or the other. To this effect, Pick n Pay stands unique.

For your unique experience when shopping on Pick n pay clothing stores online or physically, they have the following delivery fee, return and refund policy and order tracking mechanisms which I explain below.

Pick n Pay Delivery fee

Once you’ve placed an order on the online shop via its address www.picknpayclothing.co.za, you will have to pay a delivery fee of R60.

Yes, Pick n Pay clothing charge R60 and it is a flat rate on all its delivery irrespective of which part or province you are located. Your order will be delivered promptly to you within 3-5 working days.

And sometimes when they are doing promotion, once you buy clothing’s more than R700, the delivery fee is zero, Pick n Pay clothing’s will deliver the items at your door step free.

free shopping at pick n pay shopping

Pick n Pay Return and refund policy

This is where they beat Takealot hands down. When you a customer buys dresses, accessories, shoes etc. on the website and not satisfied with the item bought.

Or for any other reason you wish to return the item and request for a refund, you have a cooling period of ten working days to return the item(s) purchased.

If you fail to return the items within 10 working days (from the day you receive your order), you will no longer be able to return the item, and you will not be able to request a refund.

Note: you cannot return the product on delivery. The delivery agents are not authorized to return goods on delivery except the claims are in line with the consumer protector right.

Track your order

To track your order on Pick’n’pay clothing online, all you need do is to visit https://store.parcelninja.com/login and sign in, and you will be able to see the status of your order.

Pick n pay clothing organogram and structure

For investor relations and to keep both customers and aspiring investors abreast of Pick n Pay operations, the following are the up to date structure and organogram of pick n pay clothing.

Please note, focus is purely on South Africa!!

pick n pay clothing organogram and structure
Source: Pick n Pay Investor Page ( https://www.picknpayinvestor.co.za/store-footprint-format.php)

As at February 2022, Pick N Pay clothing is present in 21 hypermarkets, 163 supermarkets and 277 stand-alone stores.

The Group released a statement saying that local sourcing now represents 40% of total clothing sales and they aim to increase this to 60% latest by 2028.

This is good news because it means that local sourcing of raw materials for their production will be 60 percent, literally meaning more job opportunities for the citizens.

It also aims to drive most of their sales by local purchase and consumption.

According to the release, the total Pick n Pay clothing store in South Africa is 275 and the total Pick n pay stores generally is 461 on the African continent; this implies that the South African market represents approximately 47% of the total stores in Africa!!

Out of the total 275 Pick n Pay clothing store in South Africa, they are spread across the company owned and the franchise owned model; and this is reflected in the hypermarkets, supermarkets and the stand-alone stores ratio.

The remaining 186 clothing stores are in other African countries, from Namibia to Nigeria across the company owned and franchise owned model as reflected in the hypermarkets, supermarkets and the stand-alone stores ratio.

Pick n Pay Clothing Near Me ( List of stores)

To get the best store near you, just check out the local store direction map: https://www.localstore.co.za/stores/58037/pick-n-pay-clothing/

Frequently Asked Questions? ( FAQ)

Does Pick and Pay sell clothes?

(Updated: The promotion has stopped for now). The online store is currently offering promotions. If you order online and make purchase over R700, you will not pay for delivery fee. It will be delivered free at your door step. This promotion has stopped for now.

In addition, there is deep discount on their clothing accessories now, so act fast


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