Rapper SPM Release Date

It is sad to let you know that rapper SPM release date is officially pegged for 2047; however, anything can happen before that time because he may be pardoned, going by recent precedents attributed to him.

This updated information sheds light on his present situation, where he is, why he is in prison in the first place and possible mistrial that may reverse or reduce this lengthy sentencing of his.

In what is a norm of a sort, it is heartbreaking to discover that virtually all American rapper either ends up in Jail or must have experienced prison life before. This is a total deviation from what a celebrity life should be and totally different from their counterparts from other countries.

For example, take the issue of R. Kelly and YNW Melly, the official release date for the disgraced incarcerated rapper, Robert Kelly is when he becomes nearly 80-100 years of age.

However, the case of YNW Melly is still dragging for the past 4 years, and he is yet to be sentenced but we hopefully wish that he gets free from this mistrial development because he is claiming that he is totally innocent of the murder of his two friends.

My point of emphasis is ‘Must everything about nearly 90% of black American rappers end up in Jail”?

Let us dig in!

rapper spm release date

Who is Rapper SPM?

52 years old Carlos Coy ( real name), born on October 5th, 1970 is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, co-founder of Dope house records, business man and controversial personality who is popularly known by his stage name, SPM, meaning South Park Mexican.

Born and raised in Texas, he experienced an adventurous young life growth around the South park neighborhood of Houston which inherently breathed in him an identity of being a rapper.

With the support of his father, Arturo Roy, his 3 lovely siblings, SPM stamped out an identity of being a rapper and he launched out into the deep to get his dreams and passion into fulfilment.

In 1994, with a strong belief in himself and using faith as shield, he launched his career as a rapper to the welcoming delight of the global audience.

In what could be seen as a catalyst of his spiral growth, he established Dope House records where he was managing it with is brother and a fellow partner. He was signed unto his own record label i.e. the Dope house records I mentioned earlier.

It was on this platform that he launched his first debut album, ‘Hillwood’ in 1995 and that was the beginning of his turning point!!

With growth and fame came distribution challenges and so, he then signed up with Universal music. The coming on board of Universal Music propelled SPM to borders and height he never could imagine in his life.

Watch the Hillwood video song:

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Why Did Rapper SPM Go to Jail?

Most celebrities think they are untouchable just like Donald Trump thought he could just do anything and go away free.

Rapper SPM , is labelled a convicted sex offender and the following timeline details his journey of all his offences that eventually landed him in a 45 years prison sentence in Jail.

1. The turning point that birthed his legal problem started 22 years ago ( i.e. in 2001). Rapper SPM was arrested on sexual assault claim of a teenager ( 9 years old boy).

2. In December 2001, SPM was indicted on a case bordering on SPM impregnating an under age girl by taking advantage of her.

3. In March 2022, additional sexual offence cases were filed against him, in this case for 2 14 year old girls.

4. Finally, SPM was sentenced to 45 years in Prison for sexual assault on a child. His sentencing was on May 30, 2002 and he is currently incarcerated and held at the Ramsey Unit in Rosharon, Texas.

Rapper SPM Release Date

Rapper SPM release date is in 2047, 45 years after he has completed his prison time; however, the tide may turn in his favor depending on whether he gets parole eligibility slated for next year 2024.

We are of the opinion that he may get the parole considering that his offence is not a murder offence. the propensity and probability of him being released in 2024 is 65% positive.

How is Rapper SPM Releasing Music In Prison

Despite his incarceration at the Ramsey prison unit in Rosharon, Texas; SPM never waivered on his passion and music ideologies.

He continued to produce Albums and great vocal songs right from behind the bars and he was able to do so via:

1. Remote Connections

Rapper SPM is well connected and he leveraged on the use of remote connections to get his music done. Some musical equipment were brought inside the jail for him to use to make his music.

As controversial as it seems that he was able to use remote connections in producing his songs, many people and NGO condemned the acts and some people queried the prison ethics for allowing such.

2. Use of Skype

The video and audio recording technology of Skype enables SPM to get his music done. Combining this with the remote connections, making music from prison became an easy ride for him.

3. Album Compilation

His brother, Arthur and his partner assist him in getting the music done. Most Skype video recordings are edited and he sees it, gives approval and the bulk work is done for him.

4. Phone Recordings

This is the easiest way from which he was able to get his lyrics together, synced it with his team and get it worked on.

When Will SPM Get Out of Jail?

His official release date is April 8, 2047; 45 years after he must have completed his jail term.

However, he may not spend the entire 45 years behind bars; the reason is because when he was sentenced back then in 2002, his lawyers told him that 22 years after that date, he may be eligible for parole.

Now, the 22 years time frame given to him is just some few months away, i.e. 2024.

However, it is more of a matter of luck than certainty because the decision lies purely with the parole board. Many factors plays into consideration for his eventual release if he eventually gets the parole.

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