Social Oasis Reviews: Is Social Oasis Legit or Scam

A vivid scrutiny of what is social oasis clearly indicates that it is not a scam at the moment but a modern form of slavery by working your butt off; this review intersects between various signals commonly associated with a website not being legit and all other variables that made us come to this conclusion.

While the veiled nature and too good to be true promises of making money and activities beckons for reasonable and cautious approach, we at Mamzansi digged deep into the knitty gritty of everything you need to know about social oasis legitimacy and whether it is safe.

Let us dig in!!

social oasis reviews

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What is Social Oasis

Social oasis is a 2 in 1 social media platform and money making online portal. Social oasis was launched in May 2023 with the ultimate objective of bringing about a paradigm shift in the way people interacts on social media.

With a core focus on the young millennials and youth by combining money making opportunities while at the same time enjoying social interactions as you would do on a standard social media website.

The question that beckons and resonates is the fact that is this legit? Is it a safe place or another scam making rounds on the internet?

If you take a cursory look at the site, it looks clean and well designed at least to a reasonable standard expected of a new website.

What set social oasis apart from other social media websites e.g. the Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc. of today is the fact that the owners actually wants to give money back to the users. They intend to turn social media hobby into money making opportunities

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Features of Social Oasis Website And How It Works

There are five steps to undergo before you can start making money on social oasis, while the first task is easy, it is actually a way to lure you into working hard to make the money.

While this is not a scam in all ramification, it is actually legit but the amount of effort and time you put into it far outweighs the money you are promised to make.

Here are the features of social oasis and how it works:

1. Offer of USD50 Sign Up Bonus

This is the first tempting offer, you are required to sign up and register to be able to socialize and make the money.

The money will not be given to you for just signing up, but will be there for you to work till your earnings accumulate to that figure before you are paid.

To register on social oasis is safe, just your name and email address is needed; then after the registration, you confirm by clicking on the verify link that will be sent to your email address. After confirming your email address, then you set up your payment profile.

In most cases, the use of PayPal and Payoneer is available to use for now.

2. Complete Designated Tasks

Now, after you have registered, you are required to start completing some designated task. Some of the tasks or work to do includes:

  • Posting
  • Referring friends to join social oasis
  • playing games
  • completing offers
  • Doing surveys etc..

Each task you complete allows you to earn rewards in form of commissions which when it accumulates, you can then cash them out. One of the worrying question is ”how will you get these tasks”, will they be automatically showing up for you to do” etc.

3. Earn USD18 For referral an active friend

You will not earn money by just referring friends, but you will earn money by referring an active friend, who will get engaged and start inviting others, playing games and be involved also in the activities.

With boldness, Social oasis declared that for such referral, you will earn USD18!!

4. Community Engagement

The fundamental successful building block of a social media website lies in its active user base and community. Social oasis understands this concept and that is why they are pragmatic about it.

This reviews shed light about the importance social oasis places on community engagement on their platform as they clearly stated that by being engaged, you stand higher chances of making money.

You engage with the community by chatting and interacting with fellow members etc.

5. Special offers on Social Oasis

As you become engaged and active, there will be plethora of exclusive bonus, promotions, contests that will make your earnings skyrocket.

All what social oasis demands from you is your activity and high engagement level. Clearly, this is a legit approach and social oasis is not a scam going by this objectives.

Watch this video:

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Social Oasis Review: Is It A Scam or Legit

The website is pretty new, the domain name was registered in May 2023 and as such, it is pretty difficult to confidently conclude that it is a scam or legit. However, I will list out some points and you make the conclusive decision by yourself.

1. No Payment To Oasis

A clear sign of a scam website is that they want you to pay for something or you invest your money with them, quite often with bogus returns that looks too good to be true.

With Social oasis, you are not paying money to anyone whether dead or alive, so with this model, I can say that it is not a scam at all. You have nothing to lose my friend by doing what you are requested to do and earn the money.

With social oasis, reversal is the case, they are the one paying you money and not you paying them money.

For example, many people in South Africa lost a lot of money by investing in berry max trading, while some early starters made money, everybody that joined later lost money. The collective sum that people lost is more than 10 million dollars.

2. Social oasis website is new and owner is Indian

I did a reverse whois checkup on the validity of the domain name of Social oasis ( and discovered it was register in May 2023 ( less than 2 months ago) and the owner is an Indian national. With this discovery, you may want to thread carefully.

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is social oasis legit

3. False Headquarters Location

The address of Social oasis is 1204 Geneva, Switzerland as stated on the website. This is not entirely true. If you read my point 2 above, the place of registration of the domain name is India and not Switzerland.

I may want to understand why the owner put Switzerland and not India because he/she may feel that if people knows that the base operation is India, people may run away or not be interested. However, trust is essential when running an online business, to this end, I fault the owner or founder of Social Oasis, they suppose to say the truth.

If you want to know anything about a website, just do a reverse whois checkup on the domain name and you will get even their phone number, place of residence, owner etc.

The domain name details of any website will tell you everything about the owner because the domain name is the main identity!!

There is no valid and detailed address of the headquarter, no street number etc.

4. Not A Company

You cannot run an online business model like Social Oasis and not operate it as a registered business. With my investigation, the website is purely being run like a personal portfolio, it is supposed to be a registered business.

For example, if you check the homepage of this website or even scroll down, you will see the registered business address i.e. Mamzansi Pty Ltd; Social oasis failed in this regard and this is a sure sign that it might be a scam and not legit.

4. Earn USD500 Per Day

For a 2 month old website with this sort of huge promise, my friend, this is too good to be true. Even the almighty Amazon, Google, Facebook cannot pay you USD500 per day and if they do, trust me, you would have worked extremely hard and probably for a long period of years!!

Social oasis made this claim that you can make USD500 in a day; they proposed that if you can invite up to 30 people in a day, they sign up and become active that you can make such money.

My comment is’ is this possible?

social oasis

5. No Clear Transparency

On going through the website, everything looks vague, no clear path on how they make money and how they will pay you.

A business model of a sort like Social oasis should make everything clear and transparent so that people can clearly make their choice, but instead they put up testimonial page to entice and probably lure people into joining.

Notable companies always have investors page, how they work, how they make money, how they pay etc; they will even list partners on their page but there is nothing like that on their website.

6. Unbelievable Testimony

Let me ask you a question, how can a 2 month old website be paying people almost USD2000 already? This looks and sound contrary to what is being posted on their payment proof page.

Take a look below:

social oasis legit

what is social oasis


Social oasis claims that you are not going to pay any money to them, well, this is a good point because you have nothing to lose.

Secondly, they claim you can make a lot of money, well, this is not true because I doubt it.

In addition, just be careful, if you value your time, just move away but if you want to try to make money, go ahead but know that you will work hard to make the so called money they promise you.

If you are required to give out your personal details e.g. credit details or bank information etc., don’t. I repeat, do not give it out.

Lastly, you are the one that will still make a decision for yourself, in this review, I have explained the pros and cons of Social oasis, so make a decision!!

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