South African Idols Season 19 Contestants ( Mzansi SA Idol Participants Names And List)

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South African Idols Season 19 Contestants

South African Idols Season 19 – 2023 Edition

What is this program all about and how did it started?

One of the most trending searches right now in South Africa is all about the idols season 19; curious fans, television enthusiasts, both the young and old are actively glued on their TV trying to watch this program.

People are eager to know the lists of the participating contestants, because as you know, 60% eviction fate of any contestants actually lies in the hands of the audience watching the programme and the vote of the fans.

However, before any audience or fan can vote to either expel, reject or eject any participant, they need to know about each participant.

In what started over a decade ago as South African Idol Season 1, precisely in March 2002; the Idol South African season has grown in both maturity, intrigues, criticisms, popularity and fame. Many winners of the SA Mzansi Idol season has been made and they have all gone on to become celebrities in their own ways.

Please do not forget that the aim of this programme is to be able to identify, chose and select the next best South Africa’s top young singer. This is done as a form of corporate social responsibility ( CSR) to grow the young ones, identify talents and also assist the government in reducing poverty in the country.

To get a glimpse, watch this video:

Lists of South African Idols Season 19 Contestants

Here are the lists of this year’s participant:

1. Envic Booysen

25 years old Envic Booysen is a Capetonian; a South African street name used to identify with people who lives in Cape town, South Africa’s third richest province. This young man is not Xhosa or Zulu, but coloured, otherwise known as Afrikaan.

envic booysen - idol sa season 19 contestant

Envic Booysen is one of the leading Idol SA contestants and he aspires to conquer and win big in this competition.

This young man from the mother city believed in the magic of his vocal cords and he is confident that he can woo everyone, eventually securing the vote of confidence from the judges.

2. Princess MacDonald

Skinny, young and pretty; 24 years old Princess MacDonald is a vibrant woman from the Eskom operational area of Mpumalanga.

A good singer, according to her profile, she remains one of the leading South African season 19 contestants having won emphatically and scale through the rigorous audition process.

princess macdonald

Princess MacDonald ( not real name though, we cant verify her real name for now) believes in herself and she is of the opinion that if she could scale through the audition stringent screening, then she can become SA Idol season 19 winner.

3. Lungile Mthethwa

A pure Zulu beautiful young lazy; 24 years old ebony Lungile Mthethwa is a versatile singer who has been in the long for a very long time right from her childhood.

As a leading contestant in this years SA idol 2023, Singing is like an hobby to Lungile Mthethwa. However she intends to take it to the next level and become the Beyoncé of South Africa.

lungile mthethwa

As a Zulu young lady, she believed in herself, combining the never die attitude and stubborn trait accustomed to most Zulus, she aims never to give up but to fight to become the next SA season idol 19 winner.

4. Thabo Ndlovu

This is not thabo bester; 26 years old Thabo Ndlovu is the third oldest contestant of SA idol season 19. He is a vibrant gentleman who sees a bright future if he can win this prestigious music competition.

thabo ndlovu

With a eyes set on the prize and a soothing tenor vocal cord, thabo ndlovu should not be counted out but rather be seen as a contending force that can pull a surprise to the astonishment of millions of people.

5. Faith Nakana

Faith Nakana is an epitome of the biblical teachings of faith, a a deep laying strategic concept that you can be anything and achieve anything if you believe and put your total mind and focus on it.

26 years old Faith Nakana is the second oldest participants among the 12 leading South African idol season contestants.

faith nakana sa idol season 19 contestant

Born and raised in Limpopo, he exhumes confidence and a charming smile that can magically enchant the Judges without noticing his singing flaws.

6. Siphoesihle Manana

In what is perhaps the last episode of SA idols in the country; in this season 19, siphoesihle Manana, the second youngest contestant in this years Idol 2023 is all out to claim the biggest prize.

19 years siphoesihle Manana is a meticulous singer from Johannesburg, Gauteng. He developed his singing prowess, thanks in part to the buzzling life rhythm in Johannesburg and his early exposure to western musical genre.

idol sa season 19 contestant

His sense of humour and confidence is one of his strong advantage that may catapult him in becoming the winner.

7. Thando Mdluli

In what is perhaps the presence of singing in his Genes, 22 years old Thando Mdluli is a special talent that has caught the TV audience by surprise.

thando mdluli idols

Coming from a humble background in Gauteng, his tenacity, audacious singing style and melodic tones calls for an argument that he deserves to be the winner among the top 12 South African Idol season 19 contestants.

8. Neve Nevrihelle Arnolds

Busty, charming and beautiful; 22 years old Neve Nevrihelle Arnolds came all the way from the mother city, cape town to win the prestigious prize.

Being the second top 12 SA idol season 19 contestant from Cape town and the only lady from the province; the entire coloured i.e Afrikaneer community rallies behind Neve Arnolds in a bid to propel her to victory.

neve arnolds idol

However, aside the Cape town community based female afrikaneer solidly behind her, her winning mentality glued with the strong vocal melodious sound emanating from her cannot be overlooked. We will not be surprised if she eventually becomes SA idol season 19 winner.

9. Niikiey Niki Kubheka

Niikiey Niki Kubheka is the youngest contestant in this years Idol SA 2023. With a loaded CV already on containing her songs, albums etc., Niikiey Niki Kubheka knows what she wants and she is well prepared for this great contest.

niikiey niki kubheka

Doubling as a singer and digital creator, 18 years old Niikiey Niki Kubheka from the city of Gold province i.e Johannesburg in Gauteng, this young Zulu lady is counting on her experience and excellent singing style.

10. Lungelo Motaung

Lungelo Motaung is the first and only songwriter among this year’s South Africa Idol 19 season contestants. She has loads of experience with her because she is also a good and great singer.

For been able to scale through the audition screening process and be among the 12 is not a matter of luck but pure genius, commitment and natural talent that she got.

lungelo motaung

I am not sure she belongs to the Kaizer chiefs motaung family, her surname may or not have a link to the football sport family.

With what we have seen so far, lungelo motaung needs to improve on her singing styles because she once missed or went off keys during one of her solo renditions.

11. Senamile Mkhwanazi

Senamile Mkhwanazi is a 3 in 1 singing maestro from Durban Kwazulu natal. She is an artist, Afro-soul/RnB vocalist and also a logistician.

sena mkhwanazi

Cool, calm and focused, Senamile Mkhwanazi exhumes confidence and aura of tranquility. These are her qualities to be watched out for as she mesmerizes us with her soothing vocal combinations.

She ranks as one of the top South African Idol season 19 contestant, embodied with top notch quality!!

12. Nkosi King Teresa

Nkosi King Teresa is perhaps the oldest contestant, with a stage name of Mr Nice ( or a pseudonym name). He is an experienced gentleman who is not afraid of crowd faces i.e. facing audiences due to the nature of his profession.

nkosi king teresa idol

He is of the believe that he has what it takes to win this years SA idol season 19.

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