The Face Split Incident 2009 Spain ( Split Face Diving Accident- Video And Photos) Survivor

The face split accident 2009 is horrific, it is unbelievable, it is unimaginable; these are the metamor description of the split face diving incident. Is there a survivor? This article explains all

In this update, we shall be examining and giving you the updates of this incidence, where it happened, aftermath of the victims fate and latest development about it.

The Face Split Incident 2009

The split face diving accident is real, legit and not a scam; the video shows a 5 minutes terrifying moments where a young boy encountered a life threatening accident in a ghastly self made diving display.

In what is seen or motivated by his elder brother, this 16 year old teenager thought he could do what his elder brother did, however, he forgot to realize that having a self belief does not equate to having experience.

The reason is because experience cannot be bought, it must be earned and obviously, the 16 year old boy did not realize this and he paid a hefty price for attempting to dive like his elder brother did.

This face split accident 2009 incident accident is not something that happened recently, but it happened a year before 2010 around June to be precise. The video brought back old painful memories revealing gruesome, bloody and pain wrenching experience of what happened to the young boy.

Its been nearly a decade the incidence happened ( about 14 years ago), the memories cannot be erased from the memories of fans and social media enthusiasts.

Split Face Diving Accident

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How The Split Face Diving Accident Happened

It all happened very close to Manara promenade in Beirut; In June 2009, 14 years ago, two brothers who were resident of Beirut went on a sea diving expedition.

The elder brother, being a good diver with years of experience and obviously armed with the skills of diving went first, he successfully dived into the sea from over 40 feet. He did this because he was standing on a big rock, that is 40 feet above the sea level.

The obviously elated younger brother, who could have been 30 years old in 2023 thought he could do the same thing, he stepped forward and made an attempt to dive likewise.

Unfortunately, he slipped a little bit and hit the hard rocky surface before felling inside the sea; this accidence or rather incidence led to his instant death as the video shows.

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The Split Face Diving Accident Video

This horrifying and sad video was uploaded on reddit at the time the incidence happened, however due to the sensitive nature of the content, it is not advisable to watch it because you may cry and get emotional.

If you think you can watch it and you have got a strong heart, then you can watch the video below:

Split Face Diving Accident video

What happed after the face split accident 2009

Despite prompt medical attention, the injury sustained by the young boy was too much, he lost so much blood and as a result, the 16 year old boy died due to the wounds he sustained.

It has been over 14 years the tragic accident happened, we hope that the elder brother will be able to forgive himself because it was due to his inspired motivation that the younger brother thought he could dive also.

In addition, we also hope that the entire family is able to move on from the tragic accident.

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Is the Split Face Diving Accident real or fake

This is the question many people are asking. At the moment, we are not so sure of it, however, this sort of a thing cannot be staged. We believe it is real.

On further investigation, even hospital records as at then released a statement saying the young boy attempted suicide, however, the use of the diving expedition was the way the young boy took his life.

It is terrible, horrific as the doctors battled to merge his face together; I mean his face divided into two….this is just too much!!

Traumatic Impact of the Split Face Diving Accident

Whether it is true or not does not matter in this case, if you have watched the video, you will agree with me that this is a traumatic and the effects is not something that will go away easily, especially from his family and loved ones.

The lesson here is that we need to be careful on anything we do. When it comes to acrobatics or anything too dangerous, do not do it but rather avoid it.

And if you insist on diving, make sure you have gone for the training and well certified.

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  1. Split face diving accident face while diving can result from various causes, including incorrect diving techniques, improper body positioning, insufficient or incorrect training, inadequate supervision, equipment malfunctions, or accidents related to the diving environment itself, such as colliding with the diving board, platform, or other objects in the water.


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