Telkom Sim Swap At Home- USSD Number, SMS And Online ( Without Calling)

This guideline shows you how to SIM swap Telkom at home either by dialing the USSD number, sending SMS, online use and with or without calling.

What is Telkom Sim Swap?

When you lost your Telkom number, line or SIM card, what you need to do to get that number back is called SIM swap.

Basically, to SIM swap Telkom is a technical way of explaining a simple and cost effective approach that makes it possible for customers and clients to get their number back; whether it is stolen, lost, damaged or probably you just want to change the size.

Update: To SIM swap Telkom is not rocket science or difficult. The process typically takes about 4 hours for it to start working. For example, if you do it before 2pm, then insert the SIM in your phone anytime from 6pm that same day, dial *1# and you will see your number.

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4 Reasons For Telkom SIM Swap

1 out of 5 Telkom users have reportedly done SIM swap, these are some reasons why it happened like that;

  1. I just want to help my readers and people to be able to do SIM swap by themselves without having to go through much stress. When you know how to do it yourself, you are able to save your money instead of giving it to some agents out there.
  2. Probably you bought a new phone and the present size of your SIM card does not fit into the new phone, you just need to SIM swap the number to a smaller SIM ( e.g. Nano or micro size).
  3. You cannot afford to just let go of your Telkom line once lost or stolen; the reason is because Telkom remains the cheapest and most affordable mobile network in South Africa with good deals and amazing data/airtime plans.
  4. Probably, on your CV, SASSA grants application and other government grants, it was your Telkom number you put there, and once it is lost, you will not be able to get these funds. So it is compulsory you know and learn how you can get back your lost number.

Compared to how to do SIM Swap for Vodacom and MTN, doing SIM swap for Telkom is easy and it is also free, especially if you know the relevant Telkom USSD codes to dial.

Telkom Sim Swap Requirements

How can I get my old Telkom number back? This tutorial offers the full guideline to get your number back. To do this, the following are the requirements and what you need:

  • A new Telkom starter pack sim card
  • RICA ( register ) the new SIM card in your name . Telkom is very strict, make sure you register the new Telkom SIM in your name.
  • Your ID, proof of address or affidavit are major requirements ( this is very much necessary).

Telkom SIM Swap Security Questions

There are 9 security measures put in place to make sure that only genuine and honest owners of a lost SIM card can get them back.

It is important you prepare yourself ahead, the questions are:

1. What is your full name?

This is a standard protocol observed to prevent fraud and scam from happening. This is the first question that will be asked from you.

The moment you tell them your name, the Telkom staff or consultant will type your name on their computer system and do some background checks.

First on the background check is to determine whether the lost number was rica or registered in your name; and this brings us to the second Telkom security question.

75% of people fails here!!

2. Are you on Telkom prepaid or contract

This is one of the most unusual security question asked; unlike MTN, Cell C and Vodacom; only Telkom ask this question. Now, from data available, majority of Telkom customers are prepaid clients ( i.e. they recharge their line, something like pay as you go).

This question should not be difficult to answer if you are the true owner of the lost number you are trying to retrieve

3. Since how long have you been using the Telkom Number?

Date range will be given to you as options for you to chose since when you have been using the lost number. This might be difficult for you to remember, but the best way to go about getting the perfect answer is to remember a particular incidence associated with that period.

It may be the period you met your boyfriend/girlfriend. It may be the time you just got a new job. It may be a time you just gave birth etc.

In addition, let us assume that you were using MTN before and you ported i.e. changed to Telkom with the same number; your answer will be that time you changed from MTN to Telkom and you started using it.

4. How much was the last airtime you recharge?

This may be difficult for you to remember because most people actually uses data much more than airtime. Just tell them the truth.

But to be on a safe edge, the trick is to buy r2 or r5 airtime and you load it directly on that number. Wait for about 10-30 minutes, then you can go to Telkom and start the SIM swap process.

If you are asked how much was the last airtime, just tell them the amount you just recharged. But do not tell them you recharged it using this trick!!

5. When was the last airtime you recharge?

I explained this above, you can just tell them you recharged about 30 minutes ago. This trick is much more accurate than trying to guess or remember the last time you bought and when you bought it.

6. Do you have data on your current plan?

Just tell them the truth or you can apply the trick above in the same manner.

7. What was the last two numbers you called?

Now, you are getting to the tail end of the security questions and this one in particular is very important. Before you answer, take a deep pause, think and then you will remember the last two numbers you called.

8. Which 2 numbers do you usually call regularly

If I am in your situation, I know the 2 numbers I call regularly; the two numbers in my own case is my girlfriend and my staff worker in the office.

9. What model of phone were you using when you lost your number?

This is the last straw; it is an additional layer of security measure to be perfectly sure you are the original owner of the lost Telkom number you are trying to get back.

This question is simple; which phone did you last put your sim card before it got lost!!

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How To SIM Swap Telkom Number

The Telkom SIM Swap dial number to call is 081 160 7678. With Telkom, there is no USSD code to dial unlike MTN and Cell C.

However, Telkom changed their policy about 3 years ago, as at now, if you want to do SIM swap or even, want to port your number from Cell C, MTN, Vodacom to Telkom, you have to go to the nearest Telkom shop/office. When you go there, take with you your needed documents i.e. ID, Passport and proof of address.

In addition, you cannot do the SIM swap of your Telkom line even at PEP.

Telkom SIM Swap Price

Telkom does not charge you to help you retrieve or get your lost number back. When you go to their office, you will only need to buy a new Telkom SIM card for R1.

In addition, whether you a Telkom subscriber or contract or on Pay as you go; the same principle on SIM Swap applies.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are selected frequently asked questions when doing SIM swap for your Telkom number:

  • Can I do Telkom sim swap without old sim?

Yes; the most fundamental requirement is to answer the above listed security questions. It is important you know the number that you want to retrieve.

  • What are the documents I need for the Telkom SIM Swap

Your ID ( South African Identity green card), your proof of address ( stamped from a police station is advisable) and answers to the security questions above.

If you are a foreigner, make sure you go with your asylum or passport.

  • How can I do Telkom SIM swap if phone is stolen?

Immediately your phone is stolen or lost, quickly go to the nearest Telkom store or shop and retrieve your number.

Just prepare to answer the questions and go with the above mentioned documents.

  • How can I do my own SIM swap?

You cannot do self SIM swap when it comes to Telkom unlike MTN that you can easily do.

  • How much does Telkom charge for a SIM swap?

Legally, it is free when you go to Telkom office; however if you fail there are field agents that can help you get your lost number.

For example, If I am helping you, it cost r460.

  • The Telkom SIM Swap Failed

One major reason why your SIM swap fails is if you did not get the first question right. In South Africa, most lines and numbers are not registered in people’s name.

So endeavor to make sure your line or number is RICA’d or registered in your name.

Watch this video to learn how to do SIM swap for eta:

Telkom SIM Swap Services

I offer Telkom SIM Swap services. In most cases, when you go to Telkom office to retrieve your lost or stolen number, you are unable to get it. One of the core reasons may be because the SIM card was not registered in your name.

I am here to help you get your number back.

What I need

  • You must be a genuine person and the original owner of the number you want to swap.
  • I do not entertain fraudsters; please stay away. I only help genuine and honest people to get their number back.
  • I will turn down your request if I discover that the SIM card was lost less than 3 hours ago. This is one of many ways I keep fraudsters/thieves away.
  • Tell me your lost Telkom number, your full name and where you stay/live ( other security questions/checks to be sure you are not a fraudster will be asked when you contact me)
  • I will get your number back for you within 24 hours
  • I need your spouse or a working reliable mobile number for you to receive PEP/PAXI courier message.

What You need

  • Once done, you can call your number, I will pick it up and talk with you; in this case, you are rest assured the SIM swap has been done successfully.
  • I will not meet you in person; I use PEP to courier it to you wherever you are situated. When PEP is about to courier it, you will get an SMS on that your spouse or reliable mobile number to inform you that PEP has picked up your parcel and it is on the way.
  • PEP courier fee is R60 and my charges is R400. Total is R460.
  • You will only pay when you called your number, I picked it and speak with you ( so you are sure and confident that it is working)

Once you pay sum total of R460, I will courier it to you immediately.


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