List of Telkom USSD Codes ( Telkom Internet Settings USSD Code)

A comprehensive list of all Telkom USSD codes that can be dialed to check for cheaper or free data, including balance check and Telkom internet settings ussd code.

As an avid user of Telkom services and sequel to my most recently published guide on how to recover your lost Telkom number, how to port from other networks to Telkom and the detailed guidelines on the Telkom ussd code to stop Telkom subscriptions.

One thing peculiar to all these guidelines is that you can do them right from the comfort of your home without going to the Telkom office or calling the customer care center.

The answer lies in the use of the appropriate USSD codes!!

telkom ussd codes

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What are these codes and how can one use them?

Telkom USSD Codes

Technically, the term or phrase USSD refers to Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, however to the non technical fellow on the street, it is simply referred to as the quick or featured codes.

Now, these codes are primarily used by Telkom and other network providers to provide services to their customers in form of WASP and also content services. It is both a direct approach of giving the consumers ease of life by doing everything they need to do right from the comfort of their homes.

With the Telkom USSD codes, you can:

  • Check your airtime balance
  • Check your data
  • Request for data, both free and cheaper data
  • Send money and receive money
  • Send call me back etc.

However, this codes are not needed for you to enjoy the free Telkom webmail login anywhere you are to send and receive emails while on the go.

The following are the latest and updated list of Telkom USSD codes for 2023:

1. Telkom USSD Code for Data

The USSD code to buy data on Telkom is divided into four categories:

  • Code for Free Data

The USSD code for free Telkom data is *180*2#; When you dial this code, a pop up menu for you to win daily rewards by playing the Monate instant wins shows up.

  • Code for cheaper data

The code for cheaper data on Telkom is *123#. When you dial this code, it will take you to the menu options. From the menu options, you can get extremely cheap data for Whatsapp,  TikTok bundles, mo town etc.

You may be lucky to get 1GB for R12 through the cheap monice bundles ( I explain below).

  • Code for Telkom Monice Data Bundle

The code for Monice data bundle is *123*1*1#. The Telkom monice bundle offers extremely cheap voice and data packages because they are being roamed on the Vodacom infrastructure.

Many people do complains that the monice Telkom is not reliable, the reason is because if you are not in the roaming area that Vodacom offers to Telkom, then the network will go off.

In order for you to enjoy steady and reliable Telkom network, just buy the direct data by dialing *180#, select data bundles and off you go ( I explain below).

  • Data Bundles

Now, do not get it twisted. The normal and general Telkom data bundles is quite expensive but still cheap compared to Vodacom and MTN.

To buy Telkom data bundles using the USSD codes;

  • Dial *180#
  • Chose option 1 for promo promo bundles , option 3 for LTE Bundles or option 4 for general bundles
  • Chose option 4 ( as the case may be for your preference)
  • Here, you will see
    • Flexon
    • FreeMe Bundles
    • Chat bundle
    • social bundle
    • Data bundle
    • Tiktok
    • Voice bundle etc.
  • Chose Option 5 i.e Data bundle
  • From here, select the bundle you want and there you go.

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2. Telkom USSD Code To Check Data Balance

The Telkom USSD code to check your data balance is *188#. After dialing this code, initialization of your total balance will be displayed on the screen of your mobile phone ( either Android, Huawei or iPhone).

3. Telkom USSD Code To Check Airtime Balance

The same procedure also works for the airtime balance check. Just dial the same *188# and everything will be displayed on the screen.

Please note that even if you are owing Telkom, the present balance is the one that will be shown. In addition, if you recover your lost SIM card by doing SIM swap, the airtime balance that you are owing will also be shown.

Apart from this method, the use of the Telkom App is also an easy way for you to check your balance; this is quite handy if you forget the code to dial.

4. To Check Telkom Number

What is my Telkom number?

This is a question that  many people are constantly thinking and saying. This may perhaps happen after some funny embarrassment from a colleague or friend that asked you of your Telkom number and you seems to get lost with the right answer.

To check and know your Telkom number, just dial the USSD code, *1# and your number will be displayed boldly on the screen. So, try and memorize this unique code anytime and at anywhere.

Another wise option is to cleverly use the Telkom call me back option. This is a trick that you can quickly use to probably send your phone number to a lady or guy that seems to be a hard nut to crack.

5. Telkom USSD Code to Buy Telkom Airtime

The Telkom USSD code to buy airtime or top up airtime is *188*Voucher card number or PIN#. This code only applies to a voucher that needs to be loaded.

In the case of how to load Telkom airtime using third parties or App, you do not need to use the USSD code. So, whenever you have a printed paper voucher from a spaza shop, PicknPay, somalian shop etc; just scratch the voucher card gently as the case may, there you will see the voucher number or PIN.

Another point to note is that the Telkom data prices is stable when you buy from ShopRite and checkers unlike the spaza shops because those ones add extra R1 to it. These same issue also affect your purchase of the airtime from them.

After this, dial *188*the pin or voucher number followed by the # sign. Please note that there should not be space in between.

6. Telkom Please Call Me Back

The Telkom call me back USSD code to dial is *140#. When you dial this code, follow the guidelines below:


  • Dial *140#
  • Chose option 1 ( i.e. send Telkom Call me)
  • Enter number ( no space)
  • Click send

Please note that the use of the Telkom code to send call me back works for all networks in South Africa and it is not restricted to only Telkom to Telkom networks!!

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6. Telkom USSD code to share or transfer Data

One of the values of love and caring is your free ability and willingness to share things with someone valuable and important to you.

To transfer data or share it with someone, just dial *180#, scroll down in the options provided and select bundles, from there, go to share, input the number of the recipient, input the value and click send!!

Please note that this code is quite different from the Telkom sim swap ussd code to recover your lost number.

You can read my full guidelines on how to transfer Telkom data using the App, third party and even the USSD codes.

7. Telkom Customer Care Number Code

This is by far the easiest way to contact Telkom customer care but it is also the least efficient way because the staff at the back end may be naughty or unable to actually help you with your inquiries.

Nevertheless, the Telkom customer care USSD code to dial is 180. This leads directly to the official customer service desktop and the most interesting aspect is that it is free.

It is free because it is a Telkom toll free line. However, if you have something urgent or serious, I honestly recommend you go to the nearest office or store close to you.

8. Telkom IMSI And IMEI number?

This is a rather straightforward approach and easiest approach is:

  • Dial *2# to check for Telkom IMSI number
  • Dial *#06# to check for the IMEI number of your Telkom phone device

9. Telkom Device Settings

The number to dial for your Telkom device settings are summarized below;

  • To configure MMS on your Telkom device and number, dial the USSD code 081184 and follow the prompts
  • To configure Telkom routers, APN settings and general internet settings, dial the USSD code, or by typing it on the browser of your phone, PC or laptop and follow the prompts.

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