How To Do MTN Data Transfer To MTN And Other Networks In 2023

There are 3 practical ways to transfer data on MTN to another MTN user. You can use MTNDataShare, MTN USSD Code or the MTN App.

I will explain all of them in this article. Sip your tea and continue reading.

My Experience

The world is now a global village where you can do almost everything from the comfort of your home, provided you have access to the internet.

The internet has made life easier. From the comfort of your home, you can connect with friends and family, surf the internet and discover amazing things, work from home, and earn an unlimited amount of money from the internet.

I remembered how my best friend shared his MTN data plan with me when I was boxed up. I had placed a call through to him requesting that he shares his data with me. He added me up, and I accessed the internet to achieve my goals, and I also streamed my favorite show on Showmax.

transfer data on MTN

I’ve taken a pause long enough to shine the spotlight on how you can transfer data on those networks. Check out how you can transfer data on Vodacom here ; if you are a Telkom user, see how you can transfer data and if you are a Cell C user, see how you can transfer data here

Recently my sister went low on cash, and she didn’t have money to renew her data subscription, and she needed to access some documents on her google drive, but there was no data to facilitate it.

She came to my room and pleaded I share my hotspot with her, “what for?” I asked hesitantly. “I don’t have data,” she replied. I can share my data with you via your MTN sim, I replied her. How? She asked with a probing look. I’m sure she didn’t know that it was possible to share data on MTN.

Anyway, I shared her 1G. She almost jumped out of herself when she got the message that (a user had shared data with her).

3 Ways To Transfer Data On MTN

The following are the steps to take and ways to do MTN Data transfer!!

1. Activate the MTN data sharing service

Before you can share your data with another user, you must be registered on the MTN data sharing service. To register, dial *136*5#. Once done, then,

  • Select Managing Data Bundles
  • Change your Four-digit security code

After selecting the managing data bundles option, a four-digit security code will be sent to you. You can decide to change the code or input 0000 when asked for your password. But it is advisable you change your code.

Once you’ve changed your code, your will receive a prompt of you can now share your data with loved ones and friends.

2. Using MTNDataShare

With MTNDataShare, you are not necessarily transferring data with fellow MTN users ( friends or family); in this case, you are simply adding them to your list of people that can share your data with you, up to 20 people.

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Now, this service is a contract value model.  Remember that you, as the main account holder has total control and you must have activated it as explained above.

You can share share data on MTN with MTNDatashare if you are:

  1. PayAsYouGo customer

To do this,

  • Dial *136*2*163# to buy a data bundle
  • Dial *136*5# to activate MTN DataShare
  • Select option 4: ’Manage Data Bundles’
  • Select option 2: ’DataShare’ (add the persons number and also here you can link and delink numbers)


  • 2. if you are already on contract;

You will have to call 135, speak with them to activate it for you.

You can share data on MTN with 20 people on this package; in addition, you can easily link, remove or delink any person you do not want again.

3. Using MTN USSD Code To Do MTN Data Transfer

You can share your data via USSD code, it also works extremely well if you want to transfer data on MTN. The potent data sharing method that has worked other times is the USSD code. Dial *136*3# to access the USSD option.

To transfer data on MTN or share MTN data, just dial Dial *131*Phone number*Data amount#

Before you proceed to share MTN data, make sure you have data on your phone. It is absolutely impossible to transfer data to another user if you don’t have data. To buy data, dial *136*2*163# on your MTN number and buy your desired amount of data.

Not all MTN plans can transfer data. Before you can transfer MTN data, you have to be an MTN PayAsYoGo, My MTNChoice, MTN Flexi, MTN Classic, and MTN Sky Bundle customer.

4. Via MTN App

Make sure you download the MTN App, either from the play store, apple store or general store. Register it and get it activated. Follow the guidelines as seen on the screen on how to transfer data on MTN and it will be done.

In summary,

How to transfer data to another MTN user

  • Dial *136*5#
  • Select option 3 (Manage data bundles)
  • Select DataShare
  • Add the phone number of the person you want to share your data with.

How your MTN Data Transfer Works

  • You can transfer data with 20 MTN users
  • The person you’ve shared your data with will have access to all your data plans, including one–off or month bundles.
  • You cannot transfer MTN data with other service network provider
  • You will not be charged for transferring data to another user
  • Once your data plan is exhausted, the linked users of the data will no longer have access to the data they are connected to unless you renew your plan.
  • You can also unshare your data plan with linked users anytime

And lastly,

The limited amount of data you can transfer with users

The limited amount of data you can transfer to another MTN user is 1G daily. No more, no less. You may send 500MB twice a day, and you cannot send it to other service provider users that are not MTN users. Dial *131*Phone number*Data amount#

If you like what you’ve read on how to transfer data on MTN or how to share MTN data, do well to share it with others. also, let me know how this article has helped you in the comment box.