How To Buy Data On Telkom Mobile And Transfer Data

A comprehensive guideline on how to buy data and transfer data on Telkom Mobile, including how to buy the data from Telkom airtime and also how to do data transfer.

It is no longer a matter of debate that Telkom data are the cheapest and most affordable in the hotly competitive South African telecom industry.

Not only is it cheap and affordable when you load Telkom airtime and its data, but it also stand tall as the most moderate in terms of its data bundle pricing and packages, nearly on par with the well established MTN and Vodacom in terms of performance. In addition, it is very easy to access your emails with the free Telkom webmail login application.

Now, not everyone is literate and not everyone is also smart? Seeing people asking you how they can buy data and load airtime on Telkom it may sound funny and unbelievable but that is the honest undeniable truth.

How To Buy Data On Telkom Mobile

This tutorial looks at convenient ways to buy data for your Telkom phone, iPhone or Huawei devices.

6 Ways To Buy Data On Telkom Mobile

There are 6 practical ways to buy data on Telkom mobile and they are:

  • Through USSD code
  • Through your bank
  • Through Telkom App
  • Through online ( Telkom website)
  • Through Airtime Transfer
  • Through Telkom Airtime Borrowing i.e. credit transfer

I will explain each procedure one by one;

1. Buy Telkom Data using USSD Code on Vouchers

In my earlier publication, I listed the various Telkom USSD codes that can be used to do and handle nearly everything right from the comfort of your home.

Buying data to recharge your Telkom line is not an exception; to buy data on Telkom Mobile using USSD code, follow the steps below:

  • Go to any spaza shop, somalian shop or any vendor that sales airtime and data
  • Request that you want to buy Telkom Data
  • You will be asked for the type and amount and they will sell it to you
  • A printed voucher ( in paper form) will be given to you
  • On the voucher are the data recharge numbers or on some , it will be called PIN
  • Load them in this format; *188*VouchercardnumberorPIN#

Now, I will explain the second option; the second option is the most popular way.

2. How to Buy Data From Telkom Airtime

As I mentioned earlier, this is the most popular method and one major reason is because this method makes it easy for you to get cheap data and sometimes free data.

how to buy data from telkom airtime

Now, to buy data from your Telkom airtime or convert your airtime to data, follow this guideline:

  • Buy Telkom airtime voucher from any spaza, somalian shop or any outlet
  • The voucher will contain the recharge numbers or PIN
  • Open your phone, dial the recharge USSD code, which is *188*Voucher card number# to load the airtime
  • Once loaded, check your balance; after this, dial the data recharge USSD code
  • To buy cheap Telkom data, dial *123# and select monice, from there, select data offers
  • To buy normal data, dial *180#, select (1) promo bundles, 2) Monice, 3) LTE Bundles or 4) Bundles
  • Select the one you want and click buy, the data cost will be removed from your available airtime balance.

3. How to Buy Data On Telkom Mobile Online

There is a reason why Telkom is the market leader in the broadband space amongst its fellow telecommunication service providers in South Africa; the ease of use for their prepaid, contract and post paid customers is one major driving force, coupled with their cheap data bundles.

buy telkom data online

To buy data on Telkom mobile online, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Telkom mobile self service portal online at their website:
  • Login with your details or register if you have not signed up already
  • Once logged in, look towards the right hand side corner
  • Locate and select the ‘ load data option’
  • Follow the prompts and instructions and buy your preferred data bundles.

That is all!!

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4. Through Your Bank

Nearly all the banks in South Africa have the options that enables you to easily buy data on their App. For example, I use FNB and I have their App installed on my phone.

To buy Telkom data on the FNB App, follow the guidelines below:


  • Open your FNB App, login in with your password
  • Move over to the pay section, and select ‘airtime and data bundles
  • For FNB, it will not show the network, not until you type the number, then automatically it detects the network that the number belongs to.
  • In the case of Telkom, the number automatically shows up
  • You will be asked whether its top up for r5, r10, r20 etc.; select the ideal price range and click buy

To buy Telkom data on Capitec, standard bank or any other banks, follow the guidelines below:


  • download their respective apps
  • install and login to the banking app
  • Navigate to buy data bundles
  • chose Telkom, type your phone number, select the data package you desire, select buy and proceed to make payment

5. Buy Data on Telkom Through The App

The most convenient way to purchase data bundles is through the use of the App; to achieve this, follow the guidelines below:


  • First, go to the Google play store and download the Telkom App
  • Register it  and login with your login details
  • On the App, navigate to ‘load data’;
  • Select the appropriate data plan bundle you desire
  • Click pay and your data will be loaded instantly.

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How To Transfer Data on Telkom

The good news is: to transfer data on Telkom to other users or sharing of Telkom data is free. Yes, it is free. I will explain the main way you can get this done.

It is absolutely free! Transfer of data from your Telkom cellphone to another Telkom user. Do you want to learn more? Continue reading this article.

Do you wish to share your data with any of your loved ones? Are they also Telkom subscribers like you?

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Telkom Data Transfer Rules/Observations

The increase in competition amongst mobile network providers here in South Africa has made network providers shift grounds to gain more customers.

One of the recent changes is the inter–data bundle transfer. This is the ability to transfer data bundles from one user to another. In effect, you can transfer any portion of your existing data bundle to another Telkom mobile prepaid subscriber.

transfer data on telkom

The good news is that you are not required to pay any fee to access this service. There is no activation fee that you must pay to enable you to transfer data from your Telkom phone to another. But if you are a hybrid or post–paid subscriber, you will not be able to use the data bundle transfer service.

Here are things you must know about Telkom data bundle transfer

  • There’s a limit to the volume of data you can share with other users. The highest data you can share daily is 1GB. You will not be allowed to share more than 1GB in a day.
  • You cannot transfer the whole of your data to another user. i.e., if you have a 1GB data subscription plan, you will not be allowed to transfer the whole of 1GB to another user. You can only transfer part of it.
  • There’s currently no provision for transferring data bundle from Telkom network to another network provider.
  • You cannot transfer a free/bonus data bundle. Why? You may ask, the answer is because the data bundle is free and not a paid one. Note that the only data bundle you can transfer is the purchased one and not the one gifted to you by the network.
  • If you send data to your friends and family, they will receive the data almost immediately. The same is the case when someone sends you data. MTN excelled here very well, you can even add more than 20 people to share your MTN data with you.

Do you remember my promise of a well-detailed explanation of how you can transfer Data from your Telkom cellphone to another Telkom user? So, here’s how you can transfer your data;

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5 Steps To Transfer data on Telkom

To transfer data on Telkom, it is majorly by using the Telkom USSD codes, please follow the guidelines below.

  1. Dial *180#
  2. 8 options will be shown
    • Option 1) Bundle Purchases
    • Option 2) Unlimited VASs
    • Chose 3 – Transfer
    • Option 4) Blackberry
    • Option 5) Device Settings
    • Option 6) Tariff Change
    • Option 7) Free calls promo
    • Option 8) Loyalty Funeral Cover
  3. Select option 3, “Transfer,” Since your aim is to transfer data.
  4. Chose option 2 ( Data bundle)
    1. Option 1) Telkom Airtime
    2. Option 2) Data Bundle
    3. Option 3) Return to the main menu
    4. Since you want to transfer Data Bundle, select option 2 and ignore the other options
  5. Chose your preferred transfer data
    1. Option 1: 250MB
    2. Option 2: 500MB
    3. Option 3: 1GB
    4. Option 4: Return to main menu

Select any of your desired options. Once you’ve chosen an option, you will get an SMS saying that the data transfer was successful.

Alternatively, you can follow this method.

  • Step 1: Dial *111#
  • Step 2: Choose option 4, “Transfer”
  • Step 3: Choose option 2, “Data bundles”
  • Step 4: Input the 10-digit Telkom phone number you wish to data transfer to and select send
  • Step 5: Choose the amount of data you wish to send, then select send. You will be notified that the transfer was successful.

How long will the transferred data last?

To transfer data on Telkom, the longevity will be subjected to the validity period of the transferrer. Last weekend I transferred a 1GB data bundle to my friend, the expiration date of my data was the 20th of March, and I shared my data with him on the 18th of March.

The day my data expired was the day his data also expired.

Also, if you receive transferred data, you will receive an SMS from the network provider notifying you of the data bundle you’ve received and its expiration date.

But in rare cases where you didn’t get an SMS from the network provider notifying you of the data you’ve received, do well to ask the ones that sent you data about the expiration date of their data so you can know how to plan yourself because the data won’t be extended more than its due date of expiration.

How to check your Telkom data balance

Before you decide to transfer data on Telkom to someone, I think it is important you know your balance. There are three ways to access your data balance. You can use the self-service portal, SMS, and the USSD code.

To use the USSD code, simply dial *188# on your cellphone and follow the prompt to check your balance.

Alternatively, you can use send an SMS to 188 or visit My Telkom ( you will need to create a free profile). Any of the listed options works

How to reverse transferred data you sent by mistake on Telkom

If you transfer data on Telkom to someone by mistake? How can you reverse the data? Currently, there is no provision for reversing transferred data.

If you’ve mistakenly transferred data to the wrong number, all you can do is to ensure you double-check the number again before you transfer data to another number.

Do you know anyone that needs to see this article? Then, don’t hesitate to keep sharing it with them. How has this article helped you? Do well to let me know how in the comment section. Don’t forget to keep sharing love and hope with others.

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