Tymebank Branch Code And Tymebank Swift Code For International Payments/Local

This tutorial is all about Tymebank Branch Code And Tymebank Swift Code For International Payments/Local payments.

Please note that the Tyme bank branch code is 678910; this unique identifier is crucial for carrying out financial transactions with the digital-only bank, as it distinguishes one Tyme Bank branch from another. 

Whether you are an existing customer or considering joining the bank, this article will equip you with all the necessary information to understand the importance of the Tyme Bank branch code.

What Is the Universal Branch Code for Tyme Bank?

As a Tyme Bank customer, you can receive various types of electronic financial transfers into your account. 

Tyme bank branch code

In the case of Tyme Bank, the Tyme bank branch code is 678910. What sets Tyme Bank apart from other banks is that they use a single global branch code.

This means that the same branch code will be used regardless of where the transfer is coming from, whether it’s within South Africa or another country.

This makes sending and receiving electronic transfers more streamlined and efficient for Tyme Bank customers.

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What is the Tyme Bank Swift Code

tyme bank swift code

As a Tyme Bank customer, you may need to make international transactions occasionally. To facilitate these transactions, Tyme Bank has a Swift Code, commonly known as a Swift number. 

The Swift code for Tyme Bank is CBZAZAJJ.

Swift codes are unique identification codes used by banks worldwide to identify each other during international transactions.

Using the Swift code CBZAZAJJ while making international transactions to your Tyme Bank account is important. It serves as an identifier for Tyme Bank to other banks across the globe that funds are being transferred to the bank.

This helps to ensure that the funds are credited to your account swiftly and accurately, with minimal delays or errors.

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Tyme Bank Branch Codes and Swift Codes – What is the difference?

Bank Branch code vs Swift Code

Tyme Bank branch and Swift codes are two unique identification numbers that customers need to understand when sending or receiving electronic transactions.

Banks use the branch code to identify and communicate with each other. Each location is assigned a unique branch code for banks with multiple branches. 

However, for banks like Tyme Bank with no physical branches, a universal Tyme bank branch code is used instead of specific branch codes. This universal code is utilized for internet banking and electronic fund transfers.

On the other hand, Swift code is used for international transactions. During international transfers, this code helps specify a specific bank, country, and branch.

When receiving money from friends, relatives, or business associates outside of South Africa, they must know Tyme Bank’s Swift code to transfer the funds accurately.

The Tyme Bank Swift code consists of eight characters:

  1. The first four characters represent the bank code, which is CBZA.
  2. The next two characters are the country code, ZA, for South Africa.
  3. The third character represents the location code, JJ, for Tyme Bank.
  4. The last three characters represent the branch code XXX since Tyme Bank has no physical branches.

Banks use Swift codes worldwide as a messaging system to communicate with one another during international transactions.

Watch this video about this young woman’s experience using Tymebank:

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I use Tyme Bank’s branch code for international transactions?

No, Tyme Bank branch code can only be used for domestic transactions within South Africa. To make international payment or transaction , you will need to make use of the SWIFT code.

What happens if I use the wrong branch code when making a transaction?

If you use the wrong branch code when making a transaction, the money may be credited to the wrong bank account, delaying or reversing the transaction.

If you realize you have used the wrong branch code, you should immediately contact Tyme Bank’s customer service department to rectify the error.

This aspect is what differs from Capitec, if you make this mistake, how to reverse cash send on Capitec App is easy using their USSD codes, the same principles applies to how to reverse ewallet on fnb app.

In some cases, the bank may be able to reverse the transaction and credit the funds to the correct account, but this is only sometimes guaranteed.

How do I change my Tyme Bank branch code?

You cannot change your Tyme Bank branch code as it is assigned to the bank’s physical branch locations.


The Tyme Bank branch code is a crucial element of the bank’s operations, and understanding its purpose and use is essential for customers.

The branch code helps identify the specific location of a bank branch, facilitates inter-bank transactions, and ensures that money is credited to the correct bank account. 

Tyme Bank customers can find the branch code on the bank’s website or mobile app, and it is essential to use the code when making various transactions, including electronic fund transfers. 

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