How To Activate MTN Roaming When Already Abroad In UK, Canada (MTN Roaming Countries List International)

This guideline is on how to activate MTN roaming when already abroad either in UK, Canada or USA; the international MTN roaming code, mtn roaming countries list supported, rates and cost is explained.

Having an unmatched voice, data quality and reduced roaming/international call rates is one of the many advantages when using MTN when abroad

It is no longer a matter of debate that MTN is the largest and biggest mobile network provider, first in the sub Saharan African continent and in Africa as a whole.

Their network sphere of influence spans from the mountainous river of Zanzibar in Tanzania, to the Victoria falls in Zimbabwe, the rugged mountains of Afghanistan, the Etosha National Park of Namibia, to the buzzling razzmatazz economic activities in Lagos, Cairo and Tehran.

I use MTN and I must confess I am enjoying their services; there are many reasons why I encourage everyone to use MTN.

For example, if you lost you line or SIM card, you can easily swap to get your old MTN number back. If you want to change your network i.e. Port to MTN, it is pretty easy, likewise with ease of checking your airtime balance.

In addition, if you want to Rica or register your line by yourself, they have a self Rica guide for you, your airtime disappearing, their customer care center is always alive to help. . These are some of the benefits I can remember now.

using MTN when abroad

What Is MTN International Roaming

According to Wikipedia, roaming is a wireless telecommunication term typically used with mobile devices, such as mobile phones.

In plain English language, it simply means being able to use your phone outside of your country, area or region if your main network carrier is not available.

For example, if you are using MTN, and the SIM card is in your phone and you happen to travel abroad to a country e.g. United kingdom ( UK) or USA where MTN is not operating, the moment you can still use the MTN to make calls, receive calls, chat or access the internet, it means MTN is roaming internationally on the available network in that area or country.

When it comes to roaming, trust me, MTN understands the skeleton and nitty gritty about it as we shall discover below.

MTN Roaming Countries List

As at December 1st, 2022, MTN currently has roaming agreement with more than 600 telecom mobile network providers in approximately 170 countries ( and still counting).

Of recent, in September 2021, MTN became the first African  mobile operator to provide access to 5G technology to customers from the Philippines.

Of a truth, MTN talks and walks its talk on its dream..’ Everywhere You Go!!

This is a testimony to the vast networking influence they have and it is one of the reasons why using MTN when abroad gives you peace of mind.

The following are the countries in roaming agreement with MTN:

Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belgium, Benin, Botswana, brazil, Bulgaria, Burundi, Egypt, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada etc.; virtually all countries of the world are in partnership with MTN.

So, with this partnership, you can use your MTN line or MTN SIM outside of your country, no matter where you are in this global world.

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MTN Roaming Price/Costs/Charges

MTN negotiated a favorable pricing model and structure for both parties involved and please understand that the price for calls, data and SMS differs from country to country on using MTN when abroad.

The roaming costs for South Africans when in USA is not the same for Nigerians when in the USA; the same applies for the United Kingdom ( UK). So also this differences in pricing cuts across individual countries and it is dependent on the mobile carrier of each host countries.

Please find here the MTN roaming cost rates for SMS, Data and calls when using MTN when abroad:

call rates cost when you use MTN when abroad
Source: MTN

How To Activate MTN When Abroad

By default, your pre-paid MTN line or number is automatically subscribed to roaming on using MTN when abroad, so this means that it will work wherever you go, even when you leave your country to another country.

However, for customers on  contract i.e., post-paid customers/subscribers will have to apply for this service. The headache here is that they must make a security deposit of R2000 ( if you are not in South Africa, you will make the equivalent in your countries currency e.g. Nigeria or anywhere you are).

Please, note and always remember that the MTN roaming code is *135#

In general, this is how to activate mtn roaming while abroad;

  1. Dial the roaming code, *135#
  2. Chose option 1 ( i.e. roaming)
  3. Chose option 1 once more ( roaming options)
  4. Now , you will see voicemail callback, voice /SMS call roaming and the roaming rates
  5. Select the preferred options and continue.

These options will excellently well if you are a prepaid and top-up subscribers. To have a stress experience on your SMS, data or call rates, it is important you check whether where you are going is part of MTN roaming partners.

Check your airtime balance; it is advisable you have more than enough airtime

Contract Customers

  • Before travelling, you need to go to an MTN store and get your roaming services activated. You can also call MTN customer care directly.
  • To have a stress experience on your SMS, data or call rates, it is important you check whether where you are going is part of MTN roaming partners.
  • Check your contract spend limit; this is important to know whether it will be sufficient for you. Dial *136#to check. However, I advise you increase your limits or simply buy more than enough airtime and recharge.

How To Deactivate MTN When Abroad

To deactivate MTN roaming is simple:

  • Dial the USSD code *135#
  • Chose option 1 i.e. roaming
  • Chose option 1 again ( i.e. roaming options)
  • Follow the guidelines to deactivate

MTN Roaming Not Working

Two reasons why your MTN roaming may not work are:

  • The country you are is not currently among MTN roaming countries.
  • Sometimes, the network may be slow or bad where you are, be patient and the network will resume
  • Probably you do not have enough airtime.

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  2. i guys my Mtn number of 0837139844 but currently if off reason being unknown but still showing n mtn network bars on my screen but R for roaming is currently there its shows that there is no network

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  5. MTN should stop deceving people.. MTN TravelPass does not offer unlimited calls.

    When you top up 5000 naria they give 90 min for 7 days.

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