How To Do Vodacom SIM Swap Without Calling – ( Online Self Service Number To Dial)

This guideline shows you how to do Vodacom SIM Swap without calling, the online self service number to dial, questions asked, WhatsApp number to make it are explained.

Some important security questions that will be asked from you and the documents needed are fully explained.

Vodacom Sim Swap Requirements And Documents

How can I get my old Vodacom number back?  This guideline is written to help you get your lost number back. The following are the requirements and documents needed:

  • A new Vodacom starter pack sim card
  • RICA ( register ) the new SIM card in your name ( this is very important). It should be registered in your name.
  • Your ID, proof of address or affidavit ( this is not necessary if you do SIM swap online, by calling or using USSD code; you only need it if you go to a physical Vodacom shop).

Vodacom sim swap this is how to get back your lost number back

How To SIM Swap Vodacom Number

The following are ways to get back your lost number:

1. Dial the Vodacom sim swap USSD Code

The USSD code to dial is 136; follow the step by step guidelines below.

  • Insert the newly registered i.e. ricad Vodacom SIM card in your phone
  • Wait for about 3 minutes and let it be activated
  • Now, dial 136 from it
  • You will be asked a question on whether you want to do SIM swap from this number or other number, chose the option to use this number.
  • Then, automatically, you will be directed to a call center consultant
  • The call Centre consultant will ask you some questions ( I listed and explained them below) and if you pass, he/she will do the SIM swap for you
  • Now, switch off the phone and wait for 4 hours and above, then put on the phone, some messages will enter telling you welcome to Vodacom.
  • Dial 100 and you will be told your balance.
  • After this, dial *111*555# to check your number

2. Vodacom SIM Swap by SMS

Follow the guidelines below:

  • Take your phone and SMS ‘portme’ followed by your new SIM number ( i.e. the 20 digit number on the Vodacom starter pack you just bought and ricad) to 082 767 8287.

This method above does not work for SIM swap, it only works for porting i.e. if you want to move or change your other network e.g. MTN, Cell C or Telkom to Vodacom and still keep your number.

3. Vodacom SIM Swap Through Shop

If the methods above do not work, just take the following documents and go to the nearest Vodacom outlet;

  • Your ID ( South African)
  • Your Passport, Asylum or permit ( if you are a foreigner)
  • An affidavit and your proof of address

how to get back my lost vodacom number

Vodacom SIM Swap Security Questions

2. Have you ever redeemed your vodabucks

The old generation mother and father may not be familiar with Vodabucks. Vodabucks are incentives like points given to you when you buy Vodacom airtime or data.

This is one tough Vodacom sim swap security question, and if give the correct answer on ”have you ever redeemed your vodabucks”, it means you have passed 75% of the clearance questions!!

3. Did you play summer shake in the last 7 days

Nearly all Vodacom users plays summer shake, because with summer shake, you are given Vodabucks.

As mentioned above, these Vodabucks are free points of free airtime, data and even free voucher to do online shopping on Edgar’s and some select South African online stores.

If you are old, you may not be playing it, but for younger generations, there is every likelihood you have played it.

So, in a nutshell, this Vodacom SIM swap security question on ‘did you play summer shake in the last 7 days’ should not be difficult for you to answer correctly.

4. Is it Airtime or Data you borrow last?

This is a simple question but needs wisdom to answer. Majority of people borrows airtime and data at the same time.

Younger people less than 35 years of age tends to borrow data a lot while older people tends to borrow Vodacom airtime. So, depending on your nature of the use of the internet or making calls, this should not be difficult for you to answer.

5. What was the last airtime you recharge and how did you recharge?

For point 4 above, if you say you did not borrow but that you always recharge, then this question will be asked from you.

If you do not remember, follow this trick. Before going or starting the SIM swap process, just buy an airtime of R5 and load it directly on your lost number. Wait for about 30 minutes before calling.

So, if they ask you the last airtime you recharged, just tell them R5.

5. What are the last 3 numbers you called

Sometimes the Vodacom call center consultant may ask for 5 numbers, however, if you know and pass3, you are good to go.

Many people fails this Vodacom sim swap security questions at this point, quite often they mistake it for the last 3 numbers that calls them.

So think very well and provide the answer. From experience, it is likely to be your girlfriend/boyfriend, husband, wife, boss or your children.

If you pass all these questions, trust me, your SIM swap will be done for you and you can go home happily. The guideline above and the set of security questions mentioned above is so much easier than when you try to do SIM Swap for MTN, Cell C or Telkom!!

What is Vodacom Sim Swap?

Vodacom SIM swap is basically a simple and cost effective approach that allows customers and clients of Vodacom subscribers to get, retrieve and get back their Vodacom number in case it gets lost, stolen or damaged.

A quick one please; when you SIM swap Vodacom for your number, kindly know that it takes approximately 4 hours for it to be done and start working. From experience, it is not advisable to do the SIM swap anytime from 6pm, make sure you do it before 4pm.

3 Reasons For Vodacom SIM Swap

how to sim swap vodacom

The following are valid reason why doing SIM swap for Vodacom is important;

  1. There are so many fraud related incidence going on in the country, so I decided to publish this guideline so that you can know how to do the SIM swap by yourself without having to depend on any agents ( who are going to demand money from you).
  2. Most Vodacom users have been using the SIM card for a very long time, now when they buy a new phone/smartphone, the SIM card size does not fit/cannot enter into the phone. They need a Vodacom Nano or micro SIM. So the best option is just to do SIM swap into the new size.
  3. Vodacom is the biggest and most used telecommunication network in South Africa, and also the most loved brand generally in SA. So most people uses their Vodacom number for SASSA grants, banking details etc. If they lost their SIM card, they are unable to get their grants, money etc.
  4. Most job seekers uses their Vodacom number on their CV, if the number gets lost, stolen or damaged, there is no way the company can call them.
  5. Crime rate is so high in South Africa, that on average, 2 out of about 5 people have experienced phone robbery, especially in the informal settlements areas.

So, if you lost your phone and Vodacom SIM by robbery etc., do not worry, you can easily retrieve and get back your Vodacom number through this guideline.

I have also included the video below that will assist you with retrieving your lost number.

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • how long does a vodacom sim swap take

The minute you dial 136 and talk to the customer service consultant, the whole process cannot take more than 10 minutes on the phone.

However as I mentioned earlier, for the SIM card to start working, it takes approximately 4 hours after you have finished talking with the staff/consultant for the sim card to start working.

  • How do I check my Vodacom Sim swap status

The moment the consultant tells you it is done and successful, just wait for 4 hours and above. After speaking with the consultant, remove the SIM card from the phone and wait.

After 4 hours or lets say 6 hours, out the sim card back and restart the phone.

To check the status of the sim swap,

  • Call Vodacom Customer Care number: The customer care number is 180. You dial this USSD code from your phone or call them from another network but on 082180.
  • Visit the Vodacom store nearest to you.
  • How do I do a Vodacom SIM swap without calling?

Just dial the USSD number code, 136 from your phone and follow the prompts

  • What is Vodacom sim swap WhatsApp number?

Currently, Vodacom WhatsApp number for customer care is 0820098624. The Vodacom care assistant is called TOBi, so once you add the number to your WhatsApp, just chat and explain your SIM swap problem, you will be assisted.

Please note that you can do Vodacom SIM swap without calling by WhatsApp to TOBi as mentioned above or dialing 136

  • How much does Vodacom charge for a SIM swap?

It is free.

  • The process fails?

The SIM swap process may fail if you did not answer the required security questions very well. Try as much as possible to be prepared. For easy understanding, read my guideline on the security questions that will be asked from you.