List of All Vodacom USSD Codes ( 2023)

This guideline on the latest updated Vodacom USSD codes is an easy to use tutorial for you to get familiar with the various features and services that you can enjoy simply by dialing some certain numbers that Vodacom has provided free for you and myself.

If you have been following lots of my posts about Vodacom on this blog, you will agree with me that Vodacom is the undisputed king of South Africa’s Telecommunication network and service providers, miles ahead of MTN, Telkom and Cell C.

Their strong Vodacom Fibre coverage makes calling and receiving calls easy when you activate international roaming on their network, ease of recovering your lost number, call barring features, ability to stop all unwanted subscriptions and many more are some of the enticing offers Vodacom has in its arsenal

The truth here is that these codes provided by Vodacom is a sheer testimony on how caring they are to their millions of customers all over South Africa and the world over.

These USSD codes is like giving you power and authority to freely control and demonstrate freedom by enjoying Vodacom services from the comfort of your home, on the go with or without the internet or data connection.

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What Are Vodacom USSD Codes

USSD means unstructured supplementary data services and they are the standard format of communication protocols between mobile telecommunication operators.

Vodacom USSD codes are critical set of quick codes for sending short text messages that offers real time interaction communication between Vodacom to Vodacom infrastructures and other Telecommunication companies.

These Vodacom codes works with or without data or internet connection and they can be used to do various self services like loading airtime, requesting call from love ones, sending data and airtime etc.

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Vodacom USSD Codes List

As earlier discussed, Vodacom provided vast list of essential codes that you can dial to enjoy daily features and services. I will list them here and then explain how to use them one by one.

Here is a summary of Vodacom USSD codes:

  • Code to buy Vodacom data is *135#
  • Code to check Vodacom subscription is *135*997#
  • Code to get Vodacom airtime advance is *135*082#
  • Code to unsubscribe Vodacom is *135*997#, press option 1
  • Code to check Vodacom balance is *135*502#
  • Code for Vodacom internet settings is *111#
  • USSD code for Vodacom airtime transfer – *135*072#
  • Code for Vodacom sim swap is 136
  • Code for Vodacom data transfer – *135*1002#

Other important codes will be discussed below, but meanwhile, I encourage you to watch this video:

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1. Services Menu

This is the main dashboard that clearly shows the entire overview of the whole codes that a Vodacom customer or subscriber can be aware of.

If you need a USSD code for a particular features or services and do not know it or forget, just visit here. Dial *135# to access the services menu.

2. Balance Check

Using the USSD code to check and know your current Vodacom balance is by the most convenient for your balance inquiry. It is the best way because you do not even need the internet or data to use it.

The ussd code to check your balance on Vodacom South Africa is *135*502#

3. USSD Code To Buy Vodacom Data

The ussd code to buy data on Vodacom is *135#; please understand that this code gives you options to start the journey of selecting and choosing your preferred data bundles.

Dialing this code takes into consideration that you already have airtime loaded on your Vodacom account because once you dial this code, you chose your data bundle, the amount will be deducted from the available airtime balance.

3. USSD Code For Vodacom Data Balance

Though there are two ways to check for your Vodacom data balance, we shall be focusing on use of USD code as this is the main target of this tutorial.

Let us dig in!!

The ussd code to check Vodacom data balance is *135#; once you dial this code, a prompt message will pop up on your phone screen and clearly your balance will be stated there.

It is interesting to note here that you can do this with or without internet or data connection.

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