Workoo Technologies Reviews: Is Legit or Scam

Registered on April 4th, 2022; Wookoo technologies is not a legit work from home opportunities in the sense that these reviews uncovered a 301 redirection scheme to survey and shady websites.

This undiluted and unbiased review looks into everything you need to know, the owners, its safety, legitimacy and reasons why we conclude it is not a legit website.

What is Workoo Technologies

Workoo technologies is a seemingly online work from home job opportunities with vague identity and operations.

The Identity of the owner, location and base of operation of is masked and cloaked in secrecy even with many online identification tools I used to get facts. This portends that the company has signs of a scam written all over it.

How scammy it is and the type of scam it runs will be further uncovered in this investigative review!!

Many honest people’s life have been ruined and destroyed by so many work from job opportunities, especially with sending and receiving of checks. This was further fueled by the global reach and presence of the internet that makes even the most remotest places to get such wicked offers.

Though with Workoo technologies, there seemingly work offer is not centred on sending and receiving of checks but rather an offer of applying for job opporunites which according to our investigation revealed that such does not exist.

Further investigation revealed that rather than being sent to a webpage to apply for jobs posted on the website, you are 301 redirected to unscrupulous website that you will either watch games, conduct surveys etc; this approach follows the same pattern like social oasis.

However, with social oasis, they came clean and let the users know in advance the kind of work they are to do, and they do not claim it is work but catching fun on social interactions and making money likewise.

However, with the former, i.e., I doubt you can make 5 dollars a day, so can you call this work!!

With so many work from home job opportunities that has infiltrated the entire web ecosystem, being cautious and paying attention to factors that are considered scammy should be the focus of everyone.

workoo technologies review

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5 Reasons Why Workoo Technologies Is Not Legit

The following are valid points we believe that is not legit:

1. No Physical Contact Address

A legit job recruitment portal must and should have an address on their website, such thing cannot be said of workoo technologies. If you go to their contact page, all you see is an email address.

This is not right, how can a company claiming to offer job opportunities to people globally not have an avenue for people to contact them. There is no administrative contact, there is no avenue or means to make an inquiry about a particular job posting.

This is the first sign that is not a legitimate work at home job website, going by the definition of what a real job should be!!

2. 301 Redirect Outward Link

In what is supposedly a link click scheme, if you visit the website and you click on job opportunities, by the time you click on ‘Apply’, you will be redirected to a third party website showing surveys, games and all sorts of things that does not define what a true job posting is.

This is what is termed ‘cloaking’, an illegal scheme of sending web visitors to unsolicited webpages; this is the actual operating model of workoo technologies and it deviates away from the norm expected of a legit work from home job offer.

3. Unprofessional Website Design

Check out the design of the website, this is purely a USD35 WordPress theme template that anyone could have bought from WordPress themes marketplace like Mythemeshop and themeforest.

In essence, using a cheap template to build such a website is not professional enough; on navigating round the website, you will discover broken links in the menu , poorly written English language etc.

From my own point of view, I believe that workoo technologies is a scam, run in the background shadow by some Indian or Chinese folks hiding somewhere.

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4. Same Job Posting Description

Just check all the job postings on They contain the same or nearly the same job descriptions and at the end of the day, if you click on ‘Apply to this job’, you will be redirected to the same portal.

This is obviously a scam, they are just a gateway to survey sites, game, fun sites etc.

5. Outward links to Malicious sites

On further investigation in this review, workoo technologies seems more like a gateway to malicious websites. The moment you click on their apply for this job, you are redirected to this sites, and this sites contains cookies that automatically stores and download on your phone or laptop and they can steal your identity and other important things on the device you are using to access them.

They used the trick of 301 redirect to dangerous websites, all I can say is that you need to be careful.

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In conclusion, technologies is not what you expect as a work from home job portal, it is quite the opposite. If you value your time, privacy and online safety/security, then abstain from this website.

They are not offering a legitimate work offers for you and your loved ones. It is better to be safe than to say sorry later on. Your time is important to you.

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