Zip Slim Reviews Side Effects- Beyond Lemonade Before And After Pictures

With plethora of diluted information flying around, this beyond lemonade Zip slim reviews looks at reported side effects, how safe it is to use this weight loss product and the justification that it works with proven results of before and after pictures.

While it looks difficult to actually access the claims by this 8 years old wellness health website, the intrigues and blurry curtains on the surface will be scratched away.

This will be executed with a view to giving you investigated detailed information that will help you in making your buying decision.

zip slim reviews

What is Zip Slim

Marketed as a lemonade flavored wellness brand, Zip Slim is a weight loss supplement whose efficacy of proven result will lead in you losing three times more weight than just dieting alone.

Seemingly backed ( though not verified) by published clinical trials, the Dr. Mark Drucker M.D led research and development team positioned Zip Slim lemonade as the best way to get healthy by its rich metabolic activation complex attributes.

With a confident chest zone of proven results, Zip Slim lemonade effectiveness is summarized as support helping you achieve healthy Weight Loss, improving your energy Levels and helping you control your stress induced cravings.

Now, there are two varieties or brands of the Zip slim lemonade supplements, there is the caffeine and the non caffeine type.

So depending on your body present metabolism level, your Ph level, health issue and general body outlook, your choice of using the caffeine and non caffeine zip slim lemonade depends squarely on you.

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Zip Slim Reviews – Recipe And Ingredients

The weight loss abilities and benefits of the Zip slim recipes contains the following:

  • Chromium
  • Ashwagandha extract
  • Green tea extract
  • konjac root extract
  • caffeine and L-carnitine

1. Chromium

Chromium is a scientifically proven elements that helps in weight loss. According to the National institute of health, NHI, it is proven that the use of Chromium have undergone clinical trials to suggest that it helps in weight loss objectives and improve body composition.

It is further evaluated to confirm that Chromium does this by helping to decrease the body fat and increasing lean body mass.

In this reviews, based on the available information at our disposal at Mamzansi here, we are unable to verify the percentage dose of chromium used in the production of the Zip slim lemonade supplement.

2. Ashwagandha extract

The use of ashwagandha extract offers 7 great health benefits that are clinically backed by science; chief among whom is the ability to lower blood sugar and fat.

It fundamentally works by enacting weight loss, especially in stress induced adults men and women. It is able to achieve this by working on your muscle strength by reducing the body mas index.

The Zip slim lemonade supplement contains the ashwagandha extract in moderate quantity, approximately 66mg.

3. Green tea extract

For more than 3 decades, the use of green tea extract has traditionally been used for weight loss objectives. However, care must be taken not to abuse the intake of this extract.

With the Zip slim supplement, the green tea extract dosage and quantity used is not published and this is not good on a professional standpoint.

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4. konjac root extract

Touted as a miracle food for weight loss, the konjac root extract remains one of the major recipes and ingredients in the Zip slim lemonade. Obtained from the konjac root, it contains glucomannan which aids in both reducing appetite and and its high fiber content makes you full easily.

Its weight loss properties is not magical but comes handy over time as you consume the konjac root extracts which is already in the supplement.

5. caffeine and L-carnitine

As mentioned earlier, Zip slim lemonade comes in two variants , the caffeine variant and the non caffeine variant.

It is a well known fact that caffeine is a stimulant and its use helps in weight loss to those people who are not allergic to the use and safe from side effect.

According to, it was published that daily and regular intake of caffeine results in less weight gain over a space of 12 years according to a study done.

In addition, according to, it was further corroborate that the use of caffeine helps boost metabolism, increase fat burning while at the same time suppressing your appetite. However, it should be taken with caution and should not be too much as it may spike up your blood pressure.

Beyond Slim Reviews

Our investigative journalism revealed that Beyond Slim, the company that markets and promote Zip Slim is actually a registered company.

To get to this fact, the company is listed with the Better Business Bureau, based in Virgina, USA, and for your company to be listed here with A+ rating means that due diligence has been conducted and approved.

A visit to Hellopeters shows no single review about the product and just to let you know, hellopeters is an independent review website respected globally for unbiased reviews from different kinds of people.

This may be due to the fact that the company is new or probably not enough people have yet bought the product for them to be able to drop a review.

Zip Slim Side Effects

With present difficulty to get feedback from users, however, the few people who bought the product mentioned the following points of what they are experiencing or experienced:

1. Diarhoea

The occurrence of diarrhoea ( i.e. watery poof) accounts for 80% side effects when using most weight loss products, Zip Slim is not an exception in this regard. Virtually all the customers complained of this and they said it is not nice at all.

However, this should be expected as someone who wants to lose weight, the only issue is that such people needs to drink lots of water.

In the case of Senafix weight loss products I market and promote, the same side effects occurred, but theirs is being mitigated with the use of Moringa powder.

This does not mean that Zip slim is not safe, it simply implies that it is normal, however you have to be cautious if the diarrhoea continues for more than 1 week.

2. Stomach Cramps And Headaches

It is normal, I am talking from experience with senafix. However, the issue of headache is what I will like to address here. If you drink liquor i.e alcohol on or before taking any weight loss products, you are going to have headache, again, Zip slim is not an exception.

I cannot verify this aspect in regards to Zip slim but I am certain that 90% of people experiencing headache drank alcohol.

The solution is that if you want to drink Zip slim or any weight loss supplement, do not take alcohol for that day, and if you do, skip taking the supplement till the next day.

Please understand that I am not a marketer of Zip slim but I am sharing my experience on this issue!!

Now, for the stomach cramp, it is fairly normal, it should go or subside on or before 7 days. If it does not reduce, subside or go away, stop taking the Zip slim lemonade immediately.

Again, drinking of water constantly is a sure natural remedy to reduce most side effects.

3. Bloating and farting

Most people reported a feeling of bloating and farting. This should be expected because of the work Zip slim weight loss lemonade is having on your body. Again, this should not last more than 7 days.

If it exceeds 7 days, you should reduce the dosage, study the effects after few days and decide whether to continue using it or not.

But, it is normal to experience bloating and farting.

4. Hearth Palpitation and swelling of leg

This is one major area that Beyond Slim, the company behind Zip slim fails to address and it is not good at all. There is no detailed information on this.

I am going to explain this area from my experience using and marketing senafix!!

For people that are chronic i.e. diabetes, high blood pressure, HIV positive etc; 90 percent of them if they take Zip slim weight loss or even senafix weight loss will experience their heart beat racing fast, swelling of the legs etc.

This is to be expected, from my own experience with senafix, you reduce this or negate this with the use of moringa powder of leaf.

This is where and what Zip slim founder failed to address and as such, it is very bad!! They ought to tell people about using and adding moringa to it if they are chronic.

So, if you are chronic, be cautious taking Zip slim or better still, talk to your doctor but from my customers I know, using Moringa makes it safe on their part.

Another key and major input I want to point out is that, the following people need to be careful when taking Zip slim lemonade weight loss product:

  • Pregnant women
  • Breastfeeding mothers
  • Kidney patient on medication ( or just recovering)
  • People with recent surgeries
  • Ulcer patients

These set of people should not take Zip Slim at all unless their doctor approves it. The reason is because there is no guideline about the usage on this set of people.

From my experience selling senafix, we tell them not to use it or they take another product in the senafix range which works but is slow to get result. By this, they are safe.

However, the launch of Organix farmacy laid to rest the issues of having side effect because these new product claims that the usage of their fat burner pills does not have any messy side effects.

Zip Slim Before And After Pictures

The following are some proven testimonials showing their before and after pictures:

zip slim before and after photo

zip slim before and after photos

zip slim before and after picture

zip slim before and after pictures

does Zip slim works

Is Beyond Slim Legit And Zip Slim A Scam

Yes, Beyond Slim, company behind Zip Slim is legit and not a scam. Though, it is both a natural health and wellness product, it also doubles as a MLM to help spread the popularity and reach of the products worldwide.

Many people have actually reported that they lost weight as seen above on the testimonials, while at the same time, small percentage of people complains that they do not see any major changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions are often asked, so I have drafted them out with the appropriate answers:

  • How long does it take ZipSlim to work?

Answer: It depends on some factors, people’s body are different and so also is their immune system and quick response to the supplement.

Your present body mass index ( bmi), your lifestyle, how serious you are to stick to the instructions, your immune system are factors that play a vital role to determine how long it takes for ZipSlim to work.

According to clinical study carried out and published on the official website, it was discovered that about 50 people lost 30 pounds within 13 weeks. This people were placed on 1350 calorie diet for women and 1850 calorie diet for men and both sexes have their body mass index of between 28-36.

  • How much caffeine is in ZipSlim

Remember that we have the caffeine zip slim drink and the non caffeine drink. Now, for the caffeine drink, it has approximately 100mg of natural caffeine.

It is natural because it is obtained as extract from the green tea ingredients mentioned earlier above.

  • How do you use zip slim

It is a drink, so you just take one sachet, pour it into the cup, then add water to the half level. Drink it in the morning and also at night.

  • Is Beyond Slim a MLM

Yes, BeyondSlim, makers of Zip Slip lemonade weight loss drink is a multilevel network marketing company, just like other MLM companies. However, the company declares that they are legit and of high moral standard.

  • Where to buy Zip slim

You can buy directly from the official website at or from one of their distributors ( known as coaches) around you.

  • Who is the founder of Beyond Slim

61 years old Ray Faltinsky founded Beyond Slim in 2015 and registered the domain name June 15th of the same year. He is an industry leader in the wellness and natural health ecosystem respected by his colleagues and peers.

founder of beyond slim

With 27 years of his life invested in this niche, he came out to launch Beyond slim with a simple mission of helping people like a healthy and much fitter life.


The use of any weight loss product potentially depends on you and your decision. As with all things in life, do not abuse and if you happen to be one of the people I listed above that cannot use it, then stay away.

Study and monitor yourself especially the first 7 days to observe your body when you start taking Zip slim lemonade.

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